Ancient Tri-Jong

Ancient Tri-Jong

A mix of Mahjong and Tripeaks with quest mode and lots of variations
3.2  (14 votes)

Ancient Tri-jong mixes Tripeaks, a solitaire game where you have to find cards in a sequence to erase them from your screen, and Mahjong, an old chinese game played with tiles in lots of different variations.

It has a really nice interface, good graphics and sounds. It is easy to start playing with and presents a quest mode where you have to complete a board to pass a level and continue with a harder variation.

This is a really good option for people who enjoy solitaire games and are always searching for new possibilities, Ancient Trijong features 150 Levels, 15 Quests, Survival and individual level Select Mode, a media player that allows you to listen to your own music while you play (something we really appreciate), and a combo Bar with score Multipliers.

I definitely recommend Ancient Trijong, it is relaxing and well developed, and has everything Tripeaks needed to be a great and addictive game.

It runs in the following operating systems: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Mac OS X 10.2 or better

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • A media player, nice graphics and interface


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